Ever wonder how to properly determine how much fuel volume you’d need to see to determine if your fuel pump has the performance needed?

  1. Obtain the gallons per hour of your vehicle by visiting:
  • Select your vehicle by year, make, and model, and select the fuel pump.
  • Under details find the gallons per hour (GPH)
  1. Plug in the GPH to box #1.
  2. Plug in the mL of the container you’ll be using for the test.
  3. Under Calcualte you’ll see the amount of time needed to fill your container.
  4. Disable the car from starting and crank it for the time determined by the calculator, if your container doesn’t fill this indicates your fuel pump is weak and can’t deliver the volume needed to run the car.

Fuel Volume Calculator

NOTE: This tool is intended to assist technicians in identifying weak-volume fuel pumps. Testing is always necessary before recommending a replacement part. It will NOT work with variable-speed pumps.