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    Hello everyone! I wonder if any of you knows how long does it take to get the STAR certification?  I did send my application today.

    AvatarKen Wright

    If I remember correctly if you meet all of the requirements is was  aprox. 90 days.




    Thank you Ken!

    Just want to be mentally prepare for the waiting


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    I did drop my STAR application at the mail box July 19th… and today when I was doing a inspection with out knowing it was a STAR, so a message appear saying: this is a direct vehicle… but it didn’t say “you can continue with the inspection but a certificate won’t be issue” so I find out my station is STAR certified. It took 8 days since I drop the application in the mail to get certified. So happy!

    By the way, I open the station June 6th.

    AvatarNo One

    This is great to hear. I assume they are being speedy with this since there has been a lot of smog shops dropping,


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