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    being in a rental agreement with esp its my understanding that they “OWN” the machine, they are even listed in my insurance as the owners and if something happens my insurance will pay them the cost of the machine adding that machine as a liability cost me extra $$ for my over all insurance. Everything say its their machine until it comes to pay those taxes then they say I use it and I’m in possession so its my responsibility to pay the taxes for their property/assets.

    I just think its unfair, Im not an expert on tax issues so maybe Im just wrong.

    how do other shop owners feel about this?



    i would gladly pay the annual tax if they gave us a machine that worked without breaking down every other week.


    i have to make a service call on the pile of crap gen3 almost every week just to get it to function. meanwhile i am losing money during the days it could take the Opus/ESP technician to get to my shop because I can’t do any smogs on the older cars. this piece of junk is far less reliable than the gen2.

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    AvatarNo One

    Its part of the agreement. Either buy it and don’t use it or rent and use it.

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