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    OIS software  extremely slow to connect and recognize the DAD when it is working.

    When it is not working the OIS software doesn’t recognize the DAD at all.

    Constantly having to call Applus tech support. They fix the problem and it starts working again at least for another couple weeks until it stops working  and again and have to call tech support again.

    Windows 11 made things much worse then before.

    Also can no longer print the VIR from OIS. Applus told me this is a known problem with the OIS not recognizing the printer in Windows 11 but they provided me with a workaround using the browser. These are just a few of the ongoing  problems with the forced Windows 10/11 update I can think of off the top of my head. Anyone else having these issues?


    These problems are causing a huge headache for me and my customers. If it ain’t broke why fix it??


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    I haven’t had any of those problems, and I also have Applus, but I updated my laptop to Windows 10.

    You might want to switch to Windows 10 and see if you still have any problems. It takes about 1 hour to change programs and YouTube has lots of videos on how to do it.

    I hope you can find out the problem, I had chronic computer problems with the Bar 97 and there are only a few things more stressful then the smog machine stops working when there is a line of cars waiting

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    been working alot better lately after some help from tech support. probably a windows 11 issue.

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