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    (either knowing or unknowingly).

    If the OIS detects a mismatch between the VIN stored in the onboard computer of the vehicle and the VIN scanned or typed into the OIS, why doesn’t it simply not allow the certificate to be issued?

    That very simple fix would instantly solve the problem of unlawful clean plugging, on vehicles that have VIN stored in their OBD2 computer.

    But it would also prevent smogging the wrong vehicle by mistake, which can certainly happen on occasion. We are human and can make a mistake once in a while, but the BAR Gestapo likes to treat every thing as if it were a  crime. And they will not hesitate to file an accusation against you regardless even if they have zero evidence of any intent.

    Just because a cashier gives me two dollar bills back in change when I should have received 4 dollars does not mean she did it on purpose. It was an accident.

    So why won’t they implement a simple fix that would easily prevent any of these problems in the first place?



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