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    Like a vulture, product vendors didn’t take long before spotting an opportunity to capitalize from the new laws which require you to install new devices in order to perform a Smog Check inspection. Already we have Emissions Depot touting that they’re prepared to provide you with “BAR” approved web cams and the sort. In other words, Emissions Depot and other vendors are already prepared to price gouge and mark up these so called “BAR” approved devices which work no differently from any other webcam device you may purchase at your nearest electronics store. Don’t you just love the way Emissions Depot subtly extorts you for money by stating that you may receive citations of up to $5,000 dollars if you do not comply with the new regulations which BAR has yet to release any further details of mind you. What a grand opportunity to extort smog check stations for every OIS and BAR-97 that they’re worth.

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    Well I’m glad they put out the email. There are a lot of shops out there who are def going to get caught with their pants down. There are a lot fellow shop owners who have not heard anything about cameras even though there has been plans for this for years now.



    I am a representative of Emissions Depot. As a long-time smog test operator I can sympathize with these regulations being frustrating and unfair. Smog technicians are basically being asked away to sign away their privacy in order to maintain their jobs. Furthermore I know there is a lot of worry that BAR could be listening into our conversations.

    We run Emissions Depot to be as much help as possible to smog test technicians and owners. We wanted to make sure that, as of the enforcement date, no one is caught unaware and unable to do smogs, pay their bills, and so forth.

    Honestly, we are still debating whether we carry webcams, because yes they are fairly easy to find. BAR is recommending top-of-the-line Logitech cameras (they recommend the C925 and C930) that sell for close to $150. If we do carry webcams they will be much cheaper and still compliant with their specifications. On the other hand, we are working hard to provide palm vein scanners for shops to be compliant.

    Whether you choose to purchase with Emissions Depot or elsewhere, we recommend that as soon as availability opens up, you invite BAR representatives on-site, or go to their field office to register their biometrics. The closer we get to the enforcement date, the busier the field offices and BAR will be.

    As always, we’re very much open to feedback from the community. Drop us a message – our contact info is here.

    Best regards,

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    Honestly Smog Check =Social credit score truthful a bunch of bull


    What happens when your biometric equipment fails? not only do you lose hundreds of dollars from not being able to do smogs until it gets fixed but they will charge you an arm and a leg for repair or replacement.what a total scam.

    how the hell is this crap even legal we have right to privacy especially as a private business. this crap is totally unconstitutional. are we liiving in police state like china or soviet union because mass surveillance is what those places are known for.


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