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    Anybody else remember an old thread about how some toyotas were unable to enter base timing even with the TE1 and E1 timing connector jumped? The MIL was verified to be flashing however I suspect that this 1993 Toyota 4runner is not in base timing due to the timing mark being too far from the zero mark even if you are adjusting the distributor. There was something you may have to do in relation to the TPS but I am not sure, thank you in advance.


    If you ground TE1 and E1 and the rpm does not change then most likely the TPS is bad and needs to be replaced


    I seen the same thing . 4 runner timing was at 10 btdc with jumper and without ; just roll with it .


    The idle contact in the TPS is not closing. To diagnose it you can disconnect the TPS and put a jumper wire between IDL and E2 in the harness side which are the bottom 2 on a 22RE 4cyl. The timing should line up then.


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