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The new OIS update includes a legal disclaimer that says we have no expectation of privacy as shop owners and technicians. I would dispute that. As a private business i believe have an expectation of privacy or at least a degree of privacy. We are not employed by the state, and they are not our employer.

If you worked in an office as an employee for the state of California then you do not have an expectation of privacy. Just as if you worked for a private (or public employer) they can require, for example a biometric scanner for you to enter the building. But we are not employed by the state.


If there is no expectation of privacy then where does it end? if a few smog techs find a way to defeat the biometric scanners (which has been shown can be easily done by using silly putty for example to make an impression of your fingerprints) will they then require all technicians to submit to DNA blood testing to do a smog check? And force us to buy expensive DNA testing equipment ? This is just crazy nonsense.